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      Ultra Vie
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      UX/UI Designer
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    Raising the Bar

    Ultra Vie was established as a members-only luxury lifestyle service in 2011. By adopting a distinctive tone of voice – edgy, vivacious, discerning – it has gained a following of several thousand forward-thinking Londoners whom it engages through a weekly newsletter, Facebook and Twitter presence. It is positioned as a trusted insider’s guide to the Capital.

    As demand for the service grew, Ultra Vie wanted to introduce a paid membership tier. Subscribers would gain access to the service’s popular Member Events ahead of non-paying members and would be entitled to various other benefits besides. As a service already pitching itself towards the top end of the market, a distinct identity and visual style was needed to differentiate the paid tier from the company’s regular offering.

    Gene kelly Claude BessyLess is More

    Ultra Vie‘s existing visual style is clean and image-led, attributes that the company had no reason to abandon. Each event has its own key colour, with rich blue used as a fallback. Stylish, high-resolution photography is already in use throughout the site.

    The new Premium service was visually differentiated from the existing content by drawing upon the past, making use of classic black & white photography depicting elegance and style as it might have been understand in the early 20th century. The layouts themselves are understated, and bear a closer resemblance to print than the web. The previously diverse colour palette has also been adjusted to match the monochromatic photography.


    Along with a distinctive visual style, the new service had to communicate a unique value proposition to its intended audience.

    The starting point for the messaging was the notion that there are certain experiences in life that cannot be replicated. A new play or exhibition can have only one opening night, a movie director might hold a single Q&A session and so on. If you aren’t there, you’ve missed it.

    The campaign for Ultra Vie Premium – entitled “Be There” was intended to underline that becoming a Premium Member meant gaining access to once-in-a-lifetime events, of being one of the lucky few to witness the defining moments in our culture.


    The campaign was initially to be delivered as a website and email. The website was created as a single page site with the transitions between different ‘slides’ animated using jQuery. The site used advanced CSS layout techniques to encapsulate the content within the circles called for by the design (a non-trivial visual effect given that the web is based around rectangles), overlays that made use of alpha transparency, web fonts, and graceful degradation for older browsers.

    The service launched in February 2013 and has resulted in Ultra Vie‘s first recurring revenue from user subscriptions.