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    About the Project

    DSPanel is a Swedish maker of Business Intelligence (BI) software. Its flagship product Performance Canvas is competitive with solutions from much larger players in terms of performance, flexibility, ease of use and cost of ownership. They were looking to revitalise their brand, website, and associated backend systems (CRM, helpdesk etc.). They engaged eesense to deliver the project.

    Brand Positioning

    The market for Business Intelligence software is highly specific. The solutions are complex and are usually procured at an enterprise level by the CIO, IT Department, or CFO or as part of broader third party solutions. There is a large feature set and a variety of possible use cases, each of which has its own value proposition.

    Eesense began by conducting a Market Research project to understand attitudes towards the Performance Canvas product and BI software more generally. From this it was possible to create a Brand Positioning document – an analysis of the brand’s current standing in the marketplace and how it could be re-characterised to become more relevant to its target audience.

    Five key brand touchstones were agreed – HumanReliableFlexibleAccessible, and Pioneering.


    Logotype and Graphic Mark

    The concept underpinning both the Logotype and Graphic Mark was balance. On the one hand, the company needed to be seen as a reliable, credible alternative to its more established competitors. On the other, it wanted to differentiate itself as taking a less dry, more human approach to Business Intelligence.

    A heavy set, structured sans-serif font was seen as an ideal typography choice. This would lend the brand the necessary weight without being too regular and boring. It was decided early on that an accompanying graphic mark was a necessary addition, particularly as the software would be used on desktop and mobile and would thus require an icon.

    While several alternatives were pitched for the graphic mark, they all shared certain features in common. They were based on simple geometric shapes, made use of multiple complementary colours, and could all stand alone as an icon or be placed alongside the logotype.


    The final choice was a geometric layered cube, rigid yet semi-transparent. Though the different segments form an obvious cube, upon closer viewing the perspective seems to invert and shift in three dimensions, true to the product’s ability to present different perspectives on the same underlying data. It can also be read as a two-dimensional polar visualisation.


    Canvas Planning and Complete

    The company has a second product, Canvas Planning, which can function as a standalone Excel plugin but is much more powerful when integrated with the company’s Performance Canvas Product. When used together, the two products are referred to as Canvas Complete.

    On the strength of the agency’s work on Performance Canvas, the scope of the project was extended to take into account the company’s entire product line, and it was therefore necessary to extend the original Performance Canvas branding.

    CPCCLogosThough it is still geometric and multi-faceted, the Canvas Planning mark employs its own distinctive form and perspective. When combined with the Performance Canvas mark, the Canvas Planning mark acts as a pedestal and the two marks interlock to form the Canvas Complete logo.

    This mirrors the products themselves; the interlocking logos are subtle clue to the user that the two products are intended to be used together, creating new perspectives in the process.