• Orda

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      Order Mapper
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      UX/UI Designer
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    The Name

    Order Mapper had built audiences around a series of descriptively named ordering apps on the App Store over a number of years. Their most successful app, Order Pizza, had been followed by Order Beer and Order Flowers.

    While the descriptive names came up readily in App Store search results and promoted organic discovery of the company’s apps, they were not a brand the company could truly own. The company name was similarly unsuited to the task; it was too long, often misheard, and even then needed to be explained before it was fully understood.

    When the company decided to consolidate its various vertical apps and backend services into a single mobile ordering platform, it needed a memorable brand that would speak to consumers as well as business owners.

    Orda was the result of a brainstorming exercise which included contributions from the company. It distills the essence of everything the company does into one word. At just 4 letters long, the name is easy to remember and spell. It is descriptive yet ownable. And it lends itself to future marketing efforts (the initial slogan is “the only way to orda.”)

    Graphic Mark and Typography

    The accompanying graphic mark started out as a refinement on the company’s current logo (a previous project). The form echoes that of a map pin, strongly associated with local business and individual search results. However the adjustment of proportions focuses on a perfect circle – a shape associated with simplicity and comprehensiveness. The typography is clean, modern and legible, yet retains character and warmth.

    The new logo has been well received and can be found in a variety of formats across the company’s digital and printed collateral.