• Generations Stills

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      Costume, hair and makeup establish the period as the 1930s

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      Authentic props complete the picture

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      Doug gives one of the actors some instruction

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    • IMG_1600

      The pressure mounts

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      Getting a close up shot ratchets up the intensity

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      1930s boss

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      Moving to the 1970s office

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      1970s boss

    • IMG_1963

      1970s boss hands over the keys to his modern day successor

    • Client

      Whetstone Films
    • Job Role

      Stills Photographer
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    Stills photography for Nivio Generations corporate video.


    Shot at Elstree Studios in a single day, the 2-minute video comprised three time periods (1930s, 1970s, and the present day) and over 300 individual shots. The set needed to be re-dressed and each actor had different clothes, hair and makeup applied for each period. Although shot in colour, the final video was graded for each time period – black and white for the 1930s, muted colour for the 1970s, and an over-saturated look for the present day.