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    A Startup in a Weekend

    Adventure Tell is a community-driven social media application that enables users to discover, rate and share outdoor locations and activities.

    One of twelve teams taking part in Startup Weekend Las Vegas, the challenge was to develop a business plan, create a working product, and create a five minute presentation in just 54 hours.

    Logo and Identity

    LogoThe iconography associated with outdoor activities is staid and boring: mountains, campfires, hikers, compasses etc. While several alternatives were considered for Adventure Tell, the paper airplane symbol gives the company a unique symbol that stands out from the crowd. Positive and universally recognizable, it not only captures the spirit of adventure, but is also a vehicle by which the message or experience might be shared. It also echoes the navigation arrow symbol on iOS.

    The tag line “Discover. Go. Share.” is to the point and neatly encapsulates the sequence of activities the app is designed to encourage.

    iPhone App Design

    One of the key drivers behind the app design was visual discovery – replicating the experience of seeing a breathtaking photograph on a friend’s Facebook page creating the desire to physically visit that place. Drawing inspiration from apps such as National Geographic, the Adventure Tell app was designed to let beautiful, engaging photography do the talking. The use of skeuomorphic design elements was intentional and intended to evoke the spirit of adventure and exploration of days gone by – old maps, faded fonts, canvas and paper textures created a subtle old-worldly feel.

    User Experience

    The app not only displays key information about an activity (e.g. duration, distance and elevation) but also the equipment needed or tours / guides related to that activity. Having this information readily available lowers the barriers to participation and represents an organic monetization strategy. When the customer is actually out on a trail, they can see a realtime view of places of interest nearby, including photographs submitted by other users. This social aspect pervades the experience, making it feel personal and relevant. The inclusion of badges and various achievements adds a game-like dimension to the experience which encourages repeat usage and leverages an audience that is naturally competitive.

    For a more in-depth discussion of the app’s User Experience, read this blog post.

    5 Minute Pitch

    The focus on beautiful photography was extended to the presentation itself. Each slide featured a different image of an outdoors location as its background, and text was kept to a minimum (Arts Vegas approved of our use of Gill Sans). The app screens were mocked up onto a smartphone made to look as if it were being held in the user’s hand while they were physically at each location, underlining the link between the use of the app and the experience of discovering and visiting amazing places.

    Best Design Award

    award_iconWhile Best Company overall went to UniteMe, the Design and Branding / Identity work for Adventure Tell won the Best Design Award, beating out 11 other companies. The prize was a $100 American Express gift card and a 3 month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.