• The Problem With Paper

    Facebook’s Paper, launched Feb 3, is the most refreshing and immersive take on the Facebook experience yet. Like Home before it, Paper expands individual Facebook updates into full screen experiences, includes curated magazine content, and introduces a completely new, minimalist UI that makes heavy use of gestures over labels.

    The naming controversy aside, reactions have been mostly positive. The Verge called it the best Facebook app ever and gave it an 8.5. Engadget concluded that the new app puts the old Facebook UI to shame, while CNET gave the app 4*, calling the new UI delightfully touchableRead more

  • Las Vegas Lean UX Group (June) – Sketch Notes

    I recently gave an introduction to Lean UX to members of Lean UX Las Vegas, a Meetup group started by LUXr.

    Kate Rutter from LUXr took some brilliant sketchnotes, which she’s just made available (along with a brief write-up) on the LUXr Blog.

    If you’re new to Lean UX (or Lean in general), I’d highly recommend taking a look.

    [Direct download – PDF]

  • Copenhagen Guide

    Having visited Copenhagen last October, here’s my list of recommendations:

    Coffee & Pastries

    Coffee Collective in the Torvehallerne - Version 2

    • The Living Room (Larsbjørnsstræde 17) really cosy little coffee shop with armchairs and settees, also makes a great cup of coffee.
    • Royal Danish Playhouse (Sankt Annæ Plads 36) modern glass-fronted building right on the waterfront with a view of the spectacular Opera House, you can also eat lunch/dinner.
    • Torvehallerne (Frederiksborggade 21) – big covered market with loads of amazing stalls selling everything from sandwiches to sweets, fresh meat, cheeses etc. In one corner there’s a coffee shop/stall called Coffee Collective with to die for pastries right across the way at Laura’s Bakery.
    • Café G (Kejsergade 2) a nice modern coffee place, a friend who just spent a few months in Copenhagen as a student recommended this to us.

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  • UX Focus: Adventure Tell iPhone App

    Note: This post is an in-depth look at the User Experience (UX) behind the Adventure Tell iOS app. For an overview of the project as a whole and for high-fidelity screenshots of the wireframes posted below, please see my portfolio entry for the project.


    Having surveyed existing outdoor apps, in virtually every case the focus was on delivering an informational user interface. Trails were usually presented in a long list, sorted by proximity to the user by relying on the phone’s GPS, the primary referent being the name of the trail. While such a UI might be a good reference for a hiker who already knows the local trails, one of the primary purposes of the app was to aid discovery of the outdoors, a concept which could apply equally to an experienced hiker looking to explore a new area as it would for a first time hiker unsure of where to start.

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  • Review: New York Mouth

    • new york mouth 3
    • new york mouth 1
    • new york mouth 2
    • new york mouth 6
    • new york mouth 4
    • new york mouth 7
    • new york mouth 5


    When I met New York Mouth founders Craig Kanarick (CEO) and Sam Murray (COO) at a Tech Cocktail Week talk in Las Vegas their mission couldn’t be simpler: to introduce the world to Indie Food – gourmet food products made by people and not companies, small batch, organic and locally sourced, all available by mail order anywhere in the US.

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